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Disc Production Line Disc Production Line


Disc Production Line


Production line (Oval / banana / disc / ground rail)


Disc production line.

  Suitable for the production of molded foaming products with medium batch production scale.

Advantages: small footprint, high degree of automation, strong expansion function, can be matched with different modules according to users' different process requirements to achieve high-efficiency production.


  Molded foamed products have the characteristics of less batches, more specifications and short production tempo. The production line needs to realize automation and produce different specifications and quantities of products with the best benefit. Through the high-end mixing head and advanced metering pump, the application of modular technology, the production line provides solutions for products of different specifications and different production scale to achieve high-efficiency production.



Optional module

Polyurethane mixed reaction system.

Rolling production line.

Mold base.

Automatic pouring manipulator.

Automatic spraying system of mold release agent


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