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JHB Filter Element End Cover Foaming Machine


JHB20/30 Series End Cover Foaming Machine (2-3 Components)

Suitable for

Semi-hard, high resilient, slow resilient, self-tegument.



The air filter for the car, the industry filter.



Mixing head: New-style pouring valve, accurate and synchronous outlet without block-up.

Metering pump: Using high precise metering pump. Stepless variable drive, with range of ratio adjustment, reliable quality.

System: Controlled by computer, with temperature, pressure, rotating speed and cleaning system in it.

Can select using water as cleaning system, save the production cost and protect the environment.

Barrel: Layered-type insulating, using SUS304 stainless steel.

Adopted the numerical control device to drive the working bench, move according to the orbit that the procedure establishes, can pour the products into the round, square, special irregular forms automatically, with the high efficiency and credible.


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