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Laminating Machine


Product Characteristic

  JHC2-1 series non-continuous laming board production line is called laminating machine, when it works, using two boards to froth scene and empty into, when it solidifies to unload another boards to froth scene and empty into, when it solidifies to unload another boards, so two in two out, the feature of this machine is that the volume of the equipment is smaller than continuous polyurethane laming board production line, the cheap price and it is suitable for the construction of the cold storehouse and the manufacture of other high heat retaining tectonic polyurethane sandwich panel.


  Product features

Hot pressing plate: choose professionally manufactured hot pressing plate, which has the characteristics of less deformation and fast heat conduction. There is no leakage under the condition of water pressure 30kg/cm', the surface is processed by a large grinding machine, and the finish is high.

Cylinder: Due to the use of high wear-resistant guide bushes, double oil seals, good stability against oil leakage, hard chrome plating on the surface of the plunger, high precision, and good wear resistance.

Connecting hose: choose high-temperature-resistant special steam hose, which is safe and has a long service life.

Hydraulic and electronic control system: simple and reliable


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