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JHG30 High Pressure Foaming Machine Three Component


JHG series polyurethane high-pressure machine (three components)


Characteristic of two-color and two-density high-pressure foaming machine:


In industry, there is an increasing demand for production lines that can be used not only for single formulation products (such as cushions and cushions produced by double hardness process). Henghui provides JHG30-A series of double-color and double-density high-pressure foam in this respect. Henghui is a high-performance polyurethane foam, which meets the needs of the market.


The mixing head of this high-pressure polyurethane foaming machine is still characterized by L-shaped mixing chamber, but the difference is that there are two separate mixing chambers, which are eventually filled by an outlet.


The two mixing chambers are supplied by two separate metering devices, which can be two different isocyanates and two different polyurethane, or a set of three-component equipment (two different poly and one isocyanate, which can be converted into two mixing chambers by an automatic switching valve). This allows two different formulations to be applied to the same or different dies simultaneously, compact and without delay.


Another advantage of Henghui DHVA-4K mixing head is that it can concentrate the production required by multi-component output into a light and delicate space. This is a crucial factor, because it makes it easy to use manipulators or other smaller, more economical operating machines. In order to maximize the speed of operation.


In order to maintain the perfect mixing effect of the formulation with great changes in viscosity and output, the mixing gun head is also equipped with a self-cleaning piston stroke adjustable device.


The opening and closing operation of three hydraulic pistons in the mixing gun head is controlled by three independent solenoid valves.





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