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How should the laminator be used correctly?

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How should the laminator be used correctly?

The application of machinery is very important in our life, and we are often inseparable from machinery. Laminator refers to the mechanical equipment that presses multi-layer materials together. It is one of the special production equipment for chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. Its function is to apply the principle of uniform transmission of pressure by water to form a high-voltage system by pressurizing the water in the sealed container, and evenly apply pressure to the capacitor bar placed in the water, so as to make it compact in structure and flat on the surface, so as to meet the requirements of production process. Now let's introduce the correct use of the lower press.

1. Reasonable selection of laminator when selecting laminator, the first factor to be considered is the area of laminator. Select an area with strong compatibility, and consider the cover opening method, appearance, etc. Try to use as many machines as possible. After selection, the installation and commissioning shall be carried out under the guidance of the manufacturer to enter normal production and use.

2. The laminator enters the working state. After the self-inspection is completed, the laminator can enter the working state.

3. Operating procedure: press the vacuum pump on button ----- check the process parameters ----- check whether the temperature reaches the set value ----- check whether the working state is automatic or manual. To set the automatic state ----- check whether the vacuum pump is short of oil ----- put in the components to be laminated ----- close the cover ----- check the vacuum ----- take out the components ----- check the components. Under the condition of ensuring that all processes are normal, the laminator enters the normal working state.

4. Laminator shutdown: it is required to turn off all power supplies when the laminator is shutdown. In order to ensure that it will not be mis operated by non-operators, the emergency button can be included in the shutdown range. The operating procedures are as follows: close the vacuum pump ------ close the cover (do not close the cover tightly) ----- heat off ------ power off ------ press the emergency button ------ close the main gate or: press the emergency button ------ close the main gate.

5. Usage after the laminator is parked for a period of time: after the laminator is parked for a period of time, it shall be started according to the normal procedure. Do not put the battery board in. First, the air machine shall run for two cycles, and the water vapor adsorbed in the machine can be removed before normal use.

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