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What are the steps in the production process of foaming machine?

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What are the steps in the production process of foaming machine?

He use of machinery is very much in our life. Our society has become scientific and technological mechanization on the premise of economic development. Foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries. Its original model uses impeller to rotate at high speed to make foam, so it is also known as "foaming machine". Later, with the continuous progress of technology, the technical content of foaming machine continued to improve, new models continued to appear, and different technical systems were formed. Since then, it has been upgrading and upgrading. Now it has developed into the third generation of high pressure aeration as the main body, which basically meets the needs of foam concrete. Next, let's introduce the production process of foaming machine.

1. Feeding and mixing: add a certain amount of cement, foaming agent and foam stabilizing reinforcing agent into the mixer through the feeding system and dry mix for 30 seconds;

2. Mixing: add a certain amount of warm water into the mixer and wet mix for 2 minutes; Add a certain amount of foaming agent into the mixer and stir for 8-15 seconds;

3. Injection molding and foaming: immediately inject the slurry into the mold for foaming, and the foaming process takes about 3-5 minutes;

4. Initial curing: after the completion of injection molding, stand for several hours for initial curing;

5. Demoulding: demoulding can be carried out when the foamed cement insulation board has completed initial setting and has initial strength;

6. Cutting: the foamed cement insulation board blank with certain strength can be cut after demoulding, and the cutting specification can be adjusted according to the needs;

7. Finished product curing: the curing age of foamed cement insulation board shall not be less than 7 days.

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