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  • How should the laminator be used correctly?


    The application of machinery is very important in our life, and we are often inseparable from machinery. Laminator refers to the mechanical equipment that presses multi-layer materials together. It is one of the special production equipment for chip multilayer ceramic capacitors. Its function is to Read More
  • How to choose a suitable foaming machine?


    With the mechanization and technology of the times, we have a lot of machinery in our life to help us produce and live. There are many kinds of foaming machines in the market, and there are countless foaming machines of various brands, shapes and names, and foaming machines of new brands and names a Read More
  • What are the steps in the production process of foaming machine?


    What are the steps in the production process of foaming machine? The use of machinery is very much in our life. Our society has become scientific and technological mechanization on the premise of economic development. Foaming machine first appeared in foreign countries. Its original model uses impel Read More

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