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How to choose a suitable foaming machine?

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How to choose a suitable foaming machine?

With the mechanization and technology of the times, we have a lot of machinery in our life to help us produce and live. There are many kinds of foaming machines in the market, and there are countless foaming machines of various brands, shapes and names, and foaming machines of new brands and names are still being launched. Many models dazzle the producers, so that they choose the wrong model. In order to facilitate the producers to correctly select the foaming machine, let's talk about the selection method of foaming machine.

1. Fully understand the type of foaming machine

Although the basic principle of foaming machine is to introduce gas into foaming agent aqueous solution, different types of foaming machines introduce gas in different ways. Knowing the type of foaming machine will know its air introduction mode, which is of great help to further understand its technical characteristics and service performance, and help producers to grasp it as a whole.

For example, the low-speed stirring type introduces gas by slowly rotating blades, resulting in small bubble yield and low foaming efficiency; High speed impeller type is driven by high-speed rotating impeller, the bubble diameter cannot be controlled, and the foam is uneven. High pressure and medium and low-pressure types have fast bubble production speed, high efficiency, uniform and fine bubbles.

After knowing the advantages and disadvantages of various types of foaming machines, it is easy to choose foaming machines. Therefore, a full understanding of the type of foaming machine plays a vital role in the correct selection of foaming machine for producers.

2.  Master the basic technical parameters of foaming machine carefully

For producers, it is not enough to only understand the model and foaming principle. They also need to further understand several important technical parameters of the foaming machine to determine whether they meet their own production requirements.

1) Output: output is the foam production, which must be slightly higher than their own foam demand by 20%, so as to leave room. The foam production shall be based on the following limit rather than the upper limit;

2) Installed capacity: installed capacity is the total installed power. This parameter is of great significance for calculating the adaptability of electrical circuit to total power consumption;

3) Equipment size: this parameter is a necessary factor for the overall layout planning of the workshop;

4) Bubble diameter range: generally, it shall be compared according to the requirements of specific products for bubble diameter.

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